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The gaming industry has always been rife with controversy right back through to its early inception with games like Custer’s Revenge and Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em. Throughout the years there’s been plenty of drama around games in the FPS genre as well. I can remember the scorn Wolfenstein 3D got for its portrayal of violence and Nazi themes, similarly with Doom the amount of graphic violence was practically unprecedented at the time and soccer mums and people who generally don’t know shit about it, used to love complaining about it.

Controversy was also thick with games like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior again due to their violence, but also the sexual content and questionable political correctness, despite the fact those games are blatantly tongue in cheek.

But chances are you probably know about them already, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some controversial games most folks might not have heard about. For the sake of all involved let’s leave the politics out of the whole thing and just go into it with an open mind.


  1. There was another one I heard of around 20 years ago, called "Jesus Christ: Super Commando". I never played it, so can't say if it was "Life of Brian" level humour, or genuine Bible-punching nonsense. 🤔

  2. Ethnic Cleansing’s producer Resistance Records was ran by the white supremest group the National Alliance, who are good friends wit the KKK, so that’s why this fuckin thing takes itself so seriously

  3. from dazzing people in gasoline and letting them on fire, to tying them up taking their blood and filling them full of antifreeze… in a game where I'm pretty sure when they had those options they were not thinking people would probably be doing that… from intentional, to just how people really are.

    talking about Dayz f people don't get that reference

  4. I honestly don't see how JFK reloaded is remotely as controversial as games about ethnic cleansing. Even at the time, when that game felt like it was incredibly realistic, did nobody think it was controversial except Americans who think everything about them is borderline holy and infallible.

    (Iirc) the whole point of the game was to simulate if it was actually possible for Lee Harvey Oswald to make the shots that he did, to prove that there was no need for a conspiracy theory to explain the event. The weapon's ballistics and reload times were modeled after the real things and from people proficient with the weapon. Depending on your shots you'd get a score based on how close it was to the actual bullet trajectories in the reports, and (iirc) someone managed to get a 99.7% score or something.

    Whether the realism claim holds up, I don't know, but (again iirc) that was the intend behind the game, to be historically accurate.


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