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For how to access the nintendo switch internet browser you will first need to go into your system settings and scroll down to profiles. You will then need to click your user profile and click the facebook link option. You will then want to tap search pages and search for gmail. You will need to click the gmail app and then sign in. From in here you can tap the 9 digit option in the top right hand corner which will open your internet browser on the nintendo switch.


  1. doesn't work on 2019?can watch videos?
    when they make the switch they should add youtube google chrome on it..
    i wish u can watch videos movies on the switch..
    can i not sign on my gmail acc?

    i can check my e mails but what the point of can't google shit?

  2. There is another way I was thinking, When you connect to the internet, Nintendo Switch try to reach a webpage on internet to test if there is internet connection otherwise it would consider as not internet connection but if the page for testing of Nintendo is still unencrypted(Because there is no important information) using Kali Linux we could make a fake w
    Wifi hostpot that serve as a bridged from the original and redirect all webpages to its own ip so, we could do DNS spoofing, Nintendo switch connect, test the page and Nintendo Switch find another page instead of the testing, letting it know that it is a captive portal.
    Then it will pop-up a message saying that sign up is require in the wifi, click ok and you will be redirected to google search webpage.(You have to make a server for that to work)

    Put your link and good luck with that.

    I haven't test it because of lack of time but I think it should work fine.

    (I came out with this idea while seeing that sign up pages works in public wifi)

  3. hey I did something wrong I downloaded google on my daugthers Nintendo switch now when she trys to play the game it keeps bringing her to  google search is there a way to delete it?


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