Let’s play The Infected, a new open-world survival sandbox game with crafting, building, surviving and hybrid vampire-zombies! It’s still Early Access but has a lot of promise so far!
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The Infected on Steam:

A virus was a lot more serious than anticipated, a treatment was looking promising. A drug trial seemed to work, many were getting better and fatality rates were dropping.

But oh my god, something went wrong. Some unexpected side effects began to arise, causing human DNA to mutate into something unknown. We call them Vambies, they seem to look like mix between a vampire and zombie.

Well this is what the media is telling us but is that the truth?
What The Infected is About:
Several friends headed out to a remote part of a forest for a weekend of camping. However, after not returning and no sign of their whereabouts, one of the parents decided to go take a look see at their last known location. What did he find out?

The Infected is an open world sandbox, survival crafting game. Build your base defend and protect yourself from wildlife and infected Vambies. (Hybrid Vampire-Zombie)
Key Features:
Character Hunger, Thirst, Body Temperature Mechanics
Base Building
Crafting Items
Food Cooking Mechanics
Power/Electricity Mechanics
Gathering Resources
Mining and refining of ores
Kill AI Vambies
Day/Night Cycle
Weather Cycle

Outro art by Kazzr & Kong:
Outro track is “There It Is” by Kevin Macleod (

Background tracks by Kevin Macleod @


  1. "Omega Man" with Charlton Heston based on "I am Legend" and better than Will Smith version. I did like things in the Smith movie, but the infected were just a little over the top. Heston version the Infected are more human..

  2. A ton of games give you something to start of with
    In minecraft if you want started tools you turn on Bonus chest
    In the infected you get a ligther , a bottle and some food
    In raft you get on average 5 cans of food , 5 bottles of water and a hook

  3. I legit jumped when that Vambie screamed! This game needs ATON of work but it has good potential atm. Hopefully it’ll be worked on regularly and balanced more. I will say the sounds of picking up the wooden logs and the thunderstorms are great!


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