Kings of Horror presents: Zombie Games: The Knackery

Hunger Games meets Dawn of the Dead. Six contestants. One million dollars. And a horde of zombies. In the near future, a group of contestants prepare to fight to the death on the extreme reality TV show The Knackery, the most popular program on television. With a grand prize reward of one million dollars for the last player left standing, the stakes are high and never more deadly. They are raised even higher when a mass of flesh hungry, genetically modified zombies are unleashed upon the contestants to liven things up a bit…

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  1. Surprisingly good movie. Had my doubts going in but, by the end, I was really loving it. Interesting concept with no slow or boring spots. Thanks for the upload Kings. 🙂

  2. Horror Movie Fighting Game would be a very exciting game. I'm sure in it. Just add Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Alien, Predator, Chucky, Pinhead, Ash, Elvira, Ellen Ripley, The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers), Pumpkinhead, Pod People (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), The Thing, Hannibal Lecter, The Death (Final Destination), Carrie, Angela Baker (Sleepaway Camp), The Collector (The Collector), The Collector (The Collector), The Tall Man (Phantasm), Tamara Riley (Tamara) etc

  3. It was a pretty good movie with zombies and martial arts fighting. What more could you ask for? Better zombies that's for sure, these zombies looked like they were on steroids by the way they were running and there was nothing scary about them at all.

  4. nice movie, wait this is hide and seek game with zombie rule's survived from zombie attack , play at 43:39 asshat shot his own legs fucking idiot 1th time used firearm shotgun and shit happen

  5. what infinite sadness…
    I thought that zombie nation was the worst zombie film ever…until now. who is the make up artist of this zombie? walt disney? and the ridiculous i want to be jason Statham… 🙁 better an asylum film

  6. How are the "zombies" dressed in such immaculate white romper suits..? Do they have a zombie laundry behind that forcefield (!) that bleaches out all the gore each time they play the game? I can't imagine any of the show producers go in there and change their clothes for them… 🙂

    and what's with the doughy guy fighting dirty with purple nurples? hahahaa… 😀 That's just not cricket! LOL

  7. Fantastic idea, and well executed. The only bad point is no one would be willing to play this game for a million dollars in the future, a million is already not a lot now!


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